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MIDDLETOWN, NJ; Everyone knows the pandemic has caused and continues to cause economic losses for many business, especially smaller ones.   In fact, one of the most heavily impacted business were those dedicated to promoting physical fitness; since statewide government mandates in New Jersey forced such businesses to close their facilities from mid-March until early September – and the I AM Fitness health club in Middletown, was no exception.

DiGiorgio, Vice President of the I AM Fitness club, said that this health club is an establishment which aims to serve everyone from across all age groups and walks of life with their unique physical fitness needs and interests, and also said it has some of the most updated equipment available in local fitness markets.

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DiGiorgio commented to TAPinto, “I AM Fitness is a fitness and wellness facility for the entire family, brings together the sports training athlete, the fitness enthusiast, and the everyday health conscious member,” he said. “I AM Fitness offers state of the art facilities with cutting edge equipment and the best amenities in the area, (plus it) is the premier fitness and wellness facility in Monmouth county. Our focus is our members and to support them at every stage of their fitness journey.”

DiGiorgio added, “Despite having to keep its physical facility closed for several months from the middle of March until the beginning of September due to COVID-19,  I AM Fitness was still able to serve the physical fitness training needs of both its members and the community at large and make sure everyone was able to access its physical fitness services through innovations such as online class offerings hosted by instructors virtually from their homes.”

Regarding I AM Fitness’s online fitness instruction programs, DiGiorgio said they are being offered free of charge to everyone following them on their Facebook page to ensure that they are motivated and receive expert instruction that would assist them on their fitness journey.

“We wanted to make it free for everyone to get and stay healthy and fit from their homes during the pandemic,” he said.

To prepare for the re-opening once it was allowed to happen, I AM Fitness reached out to its members to re-affirm its commitment to its purpose, as well as re-affirm its support of the membership on their fitness journey; and pledged to take all necessary steps to keep its members & staffing team safe.

“Putting in place the actions of keeping our members and team safe has been easy,” DiGiorgio said.

“Everyone committed to fitness is on board with all the safety procedures because it is of everyone’s importance that their health comes first in order for them to be able to enjoy coming to a health club.

Since being able to re-open in September, I AM Fitness has been able to offer a full range of physical fitness related services all its members, as well as the wider community, despite the limitations stemming from capacity restrictions and social distancing mandates, DiGiorgio said.

“Whether they are looking to get healthy and stay healthy, or continue their fitness journey, or looking for stress release, I AM Fitness is able to provide it to our members and community in a safe manner.”

Also, since re-opening, I AM Fitness has taken numerous steps to safeguard its clientele and staff, such as contactless temperature screening, strong procedures and protocols for cleaning and sanitation, and numerous disinfectant wipe stations; as well as extensive spacing at the club to allow for plenty of social distancing, outdoor fitness classes, and free virtual classes to club members the broader community, DiGiorgio said.

“The safety of our members and team members is what’s most important,” he said. “Our goals remain the same – to support our members at every stage of their fitness journey and help them to discover their ‘I AM’. 

In addition, I AM Fitness now hosts a variety of group classes free of charge outside in a tented area, although with limitations on the number of participants.  Furthermore, it plans on expanding upon such offerings by making these outdoor classes year-round, as well as broadening the variety of the classes it plans to offer outdoors, in order to accommodate the increasing popularity of these programs, and also reach out to more people through its fitness services, Di Giorgio said.

“We see our purpose in the community just as important as ever,” DiGiorgio said. “I AM Fitness needs to be there for our members, to provide a safe space to get fit and stay fit.”

Despite these changes, however, Covid-19 has still had a major negative impact on the I AM Fitness’s business, as it led to a significant reduction in the amount of new business coming in, and a significant portion of its existing membership either cutting back, freezing, or cancelling their memberships, especially when it comes to in-person visits to the facility, Di Giorgio said

“Covid-19 has negatively affected our business by deterring individuals from actively maintaining a fitness regiment in health clubs,” he said. “The fitness industry as a whole has been hurt, and I AM Fitness did not got unscathed. It’s going to take I AM Fitness years to recover from the loss of business.”  However, according to DiGiorgio, I AM Fitness does not plan to give up on its goals or aspirations because of the pandemic. 

“Our goal remains the same, to be here in support of our members at every stage of their fitness journey,” he said. “We believe that fitness is an important part of life whether it is now during a pandemic or anytime there other.” I AM Fitness hopes to eventually achieve a full business recovery from the negative impact of the pandemic and hopefully COVID-19 becomes less widespread once vaccines become widely available. DiGiorgio acknowledges they realize a full business recovery is not necessarily guaranteed to happen quickly.

“We hope that the fear subsides, allowing people to get back to connecting, less stress, and enjoying a part of fitness and the benefits from it we all love,” DiGiorgio said. “I think a vaccine will reduce some fear but do not think that it will be back to business pre-Covid,” he said. “If we could get back to the business levels of pre-Covid that would be tremendous.” For more information about I Am Fitness located in Middletown, click HERE. 

I Am Fitness Membership Has Its Privilege’s

  • Largest free weight area in Monmouth County
  • Cutting Edge Cardio
  • Selectorized Equipment
  • Functional Training
  • Boxing Room
  • Group Fitness Classes (indoor & outdoor)
  • Complimentary Childcare 
  • Steam Room & Sauna
  • 4 Lane Lap Pool
  • Fitness Assessment and Orientation with a Personal Trainer


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